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I am running for re-election to the Multnomah Education Service District (MESD). I am seeking this position because MESD policies and programs make a real difference in the lives of you, me and our families.

How is your life impacted by MESD? MESD spends $87 million of your dollars and provides services to thousands of people. This money is spent on health care, schooling for students both in and out of regular classrooms, Outdoor School, funding a large portion of local English as a second language instruction (ESL) and supporting our schools. MESD manages resources that are shared between the eight school districts in Multnomah County (Centennial, Corbett, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, Parkrose, Portland, Reynolds and Riverdale).

My heart and soul is in Multnomah County. It's no secret that our government is struggling to pay its bills, deliver services and connect with the private sector and its citizens in genuine ways. I'm passionately committed to making MESD government work better, by spending tax dollars more wisely, improving the quality of service delivery and making MESD decisions in an open and transparent way.

My background in the public and private sector gives me a genuine appreciation for the issues of taxation, services and other policy issues that require hard work and tough decisions. After a lifetime of community service, managing a competitive business, volunteer roles and serving the public at the county level, I can make a real difference to get our MESD government more engaged in real issues impacting families.

The experience I bring to this position includes having been an executive assistant to a county commissioner, a government relations coordinator to the Sheriff and a legislative coordinator for the Department of Aging and Disability services at Multnomah County. In addition to my public sector experience, I've run a small business in downtown Portland and worked in the private sector.

I also have education experience. Ten years of firsthand knowledge of issues from being a parent volunteer in my daughters' public schools. I'm a firm believer in the SUN School model and have lobbied for its expansion, especially into schools with the greatest economic need.

I strongly believe in public-private partnerships. I also have community experience, working as a member of a seven person task force with the Concordia Neighborhood Association that developed the request for proposal (RFP) ultimately awarded to McMenamins and resulted in the successful Kennedy School project. That private-public model was one of McMennamins first and they've gone from a handful to 34 locations in 12 years. I will push for community partnerships to maximize resources.

Our society needs us to do better, to care more about those unable to help themselves, while making sound financial decisions.

Mike Delman is for:

  1. Making sure that when we cut budgets the least amounts are taken from classrooms and programs that directly impact children and students.
  2. Tax dollars directed into MESD programs that are held accountable by measurable goals and evidence-based practices.
  3. Partnerships between the public and private sectors to improve our community for everyone, while putting taxpayers first.

I welcome your ideas and dialogue.  Thank you for your support.


Mike Delman

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